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“And Then Came Lola,” the sexy, hit lesbian romantic comedy, starring Ashleigh Sumner and Jill Bennett,  is now available  on DVD, Blu-ray and iTunes.

In this time-bending, sexy, lesbian romp,  with an irreverent nod to the popular art-house classic  “Run, Lola, Run”–a talented, but distracted photographer, Lola,  (Ashleigh Sumner) on the verge of success in both love and work, could lose it all if she doesn’t make it to a crucial meeting on time. But, as usual, Lola is late. With her job and girlfriend  Casey,  (Jill Bennett) on the line, she has three chances to make it right. In a mad dash through the streets and backrooms of San Francisco, time grows short–will Lola make it? Will she come at all?

Stars of LOLA- Jessica Graham, Ashleigh Sumner, Jill Bennett, and Cathy DeBuono

Co-Directed by Ellen Seidler and Megan Siler, And Then Came Lola features “out” lesbians in front of, and behind, the camera.  LOLA’s out actresses include Ashleigh Sumner, Jill Bennett, Cathy DeBuono, Jessica Graham and Jenoa Harlow. SF animator Jett Atwood, photographer Mollie McClure, and a number of  “out” musicians also lend their creative talents to the film (soundtrack link on the right).

Lola's Cast and Directors at Frameline

This independent feature, shot on location in San Francisco, had its world premiere on June 19th, 2009 at a sold-out Castro Theater as part of the San Francisco Frameline LGBT Film Festival.   LOLA has screened in more than 100 LGBT film festivals throughout the world and is making history as the first indie lesbian film to be offered on Blu-ray.

Every purchase made through these our affiliate links helps Fast Girl Films pay production debts. We appreciate your support!  You can order here: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Blu-ray (all regions). Lola is also available in  The Netherlands and will be released soon in Israel.

Ashleigh Sumner (Lola) at Philly's QFest.

Cast drawing by LOLA animator Jett Atwood

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Unfortunately, like many other indie films, LOLA has been posted  online.  It seems that some film fans, even if well meaning,  don’t  appreciate how this can really hurt indie filmmakers.  Films like ours, with no theatrical release, earn revenue ONLY through through DVD and VOD sales. If you happened to view LOLA online or via an illegal download and would like to contribute even a quarter or two, please click the image above.    If you are concerned about the issue of online piracy you can listen to the recent NPR interview with Co-Director Ellen Seidler on the issue of piracy and advertising profits here. Also, a recent interview with Backstage on the same subject here and CNET here. If you’d like to check out Ellen’s blog documenting the issue of piracy and online ad revenue, go here:


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